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Liang Long Wushu Guan
Pubblicato in Proverbi · 8 Luglio 2018
Sitting by a Stump, Waiting for a Careless Hare 守株待兔 (shǒu zhū dài tù)
During  the Warring States Period, there was a farmer of the State of  Song.There was a tree in his farmland. One day, he saw a hare run into  the tree and die soon after breaking its neck.However, no more have  turned up as he had expected, and he became the laughing stock of  others.
This story comes from”The Five Vermin” in The Works of Han  Feizi. Later generations often use the set phrase”Sitting by a Stump,  Waiting for a Careless Hare” to show trusting to chance and windfalls or  dreaming to reap without sowing. It is also used to indicate inflexible  work and no flexibility.

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Liang Long Wushu Guan Scuola di kung-fu wushu tradizionale nata a Roma nel 1988 dalla costola della 'Nga Man Tao Pai presente a Roma dal 1974. Oltre 30 anni di storia in oltre 40 anni di pratica.
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