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Liang Long Wushu Guan
Pubblicato in Proverbi · 8 Luglio 2018
Playing the Lute to a Cow 对牛弹琴 (duì niú tán qín)
In  ancient times there was a man who played the zither very well.Once, he  played a tune in front of a cow, hoping that the cow would appreciate  it.The tune was melodious,but the cow showed no reaction, and just kept  on eating grass.The man sighed and went away.
This idiom is used to indicate reasoning with stubborn people or talking to the wrong audience.

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Liang Long Wushu Guan Scuola di kung-fu wushu tradizionale nata a Roma nel 1988 dalla costola della 'Nga Man Tao Pai presente a Roma dal 1974. Oltre 30 anni di storia in oltre 40 anni di pratica.
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